Upcoming launches

This has not been a good summer for our launch schedule! We monitor the forecast closely, and only scrub a launch if we don’t think we can make it safe and worthwhile to set up our launch site.

Fortunately, the forecast for this Saturday looks great! If that holds, we’re going to have a great day launching rockets. And the day will start off with a Space Balloon launch – the Civil Air Patrol Eddie Rickenbacker Squadron will be launching a weather balloon to the edge of space. Its payload includes cameras and homing devices that will allow them to track, and (hopefully!)  recover it. Following that, we’ll be launching rockets – an hour earlier than usual – we’ll set up at 9:00, and launch beginning 10:00. Bring your own rockets if you have them (we might have some kits if you don’t) , and fly with us!

Unfortunately, Cub Scout Pack 701 had to cancel their launch on Sunday. But they (and you) are welcome to join us at our regular launches.

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