June Launch is GO!

We’ll be launching at Freedom Park on Saturday, June 18!

The heat wave is breaking, and the weather should be very pleasant. It will be a little breezier than we like it, but the forecast is for temperatures in the high 60s, with winds around 13 mph. That’s less than our safety limit of 20 mph, but enough to be cautious with higher altitude flights.

We’ll start setup at 10:00, and be ready to launch at 11:00. See events for details.


This comic summarizes CORSA’s mission:https://www.gocomics.com/redandrover/2018/02/04The 1960s Space Race to the moon inspired me, and the other CORSA members old enough to have seen those amazing missions, to pursue science and engineering, at least as hobbies. Every rocket launch that we attend brings back at least a touch of that thrill … Continue…