CORSA Launches

Do you need help launching a model rocket?
Do you want to launch rockets with us?
Would you like to watch dozens of rockets launch high into the sky?

If  you are seeking like-minded people to launch with, need help getting your rocket in the air, or just want to watch exciting launches, the CORSA monthly launch is for you. We are a group of model rocket enthusiasts and want to share our enthusiasm with other people.

CORSA events are free to attend and easy to participate in.

Held the third Saturday of each month (weather permitting); located at Freedom Park in Sunbury, or at a local farm field. Check the events calendar for location. CORSA launches are fun and exciting for kids and adults.

If you need help launching a rocket, just show up.   Our club members have a combined 120 years of model rocket experience.  We will be able to help you.
If you want to launch with us, just bring your rockets and your motors.  Launch pads are provided and participation is free.
If you want to watch, just show up with a chair . The launch is ordinarily from 11am to at least 2pm.

Parking is free and so is the event.
You may wish to bring chairs, a table for preparing your rockets, sunscreen, water, or snacks.

Additionally, if your scout troop, 4-H club, library, or class wants to have a rocketry project, contact us! We love to do build sessions, presentations, and launches for youth groups!