May Launch Report

Our May launch was a great success! It was pretty breezy, so we could not launch anything very high. And we only launched 26 times. But I think everyone who was there would agree, that it was a fantastic day. Several of the High Point Elementary students that we met with on their Super Saturday came and had great questions, and marveled at each rocket launched. We handed out rocket kits to Ryan, Walter, Nora, Eli, Tyler, Wes, and Elias. We still have more of the Balsa Machining Service “School Rocket” kits for any of the students who were able to attend our May launch.

Impulse Report:

  • 1 – 1/2 A
  • 12 – A
  • 12 – B
  • 1 – C

No rockets were lost, despite the ~15 mph winds. The one C motor that flew was in a saucer style rocket that doesn’t go very high or drift very far.

Thanks to everyone who attended! Especially to our new visitors, but also to my fellow CORSA members who helped make it a wonderful day!

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