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The Central Ohio Rocketry & Spacemodeling Alliance is a chartered section of the National Association of Rocketry (NAR) organized exclusively to:

  1. Carry out the purpose, mission and goals of the NAR on a regional level
    (a) promote the safe pursuit of rocketry;
    (b) prepare, collect, correlate, and disseminate by publication or otherwise facts, information, articles, books, or other literature pertaining to rocketry, and shall engage in, encourage, and promote the educational aspects of rocketry;
    (c) strive to promote and improve the image of rocketry with the general public and with all levels of government, and shall cooperate with all levels of government to the end that non-professional rocket activities may be conducted without undue restriction;
    (d) encourage membership in the Association, establish local chartered sections, and promote the growth of the Association;
  2. Promote the educational, and scientific purpose of rocketry and spacemodeling applied science, technology, engineering and math.
  3. Support schools, non-profit youth organizations and citizens of central Ohio in the pursuit of the understanding and application of rocketry and spacemodeling technology


The Central Ohio Rocketry & Spacemodeling Alliance, CORSA, was organized in August 2015 by a group of four NAR senior members and one NAR junior member. Separately, these members perused their rocketry interests in many ways including scratch building, community education and NAR competition. Their experience ranged from only a few years to years with High Power Rocketry 1 and High Power Rocketry 2 certification. While they enjoyed their individual pursuits across central Ohio they saw that coming together their shared experiences had the potential to ignite a new enthusiasm for rocketry & spacemodeling in the area.


CORSA isn’t about being part of a “club” or an elitist group. Model rocketry is for everyone. It’s one of few activities where adults and kids, parents and children can enjoy and participate side by side. Our goal is to be viable and flexible to the long-time modeler as well as the new-comer. We use materials from glue, cardboard, plastic and lightweight woods to epoxy & carbon composites. All flights from a 1/2A 15 second streamer flight to an H or I Mach 1 mile high flight are supported as celebrated successes or, occasionally, failures from which all members can learn from. From ready to fly kits to scratch built rockets we appreciate all based on the individuals’ abilities, skills and knowledge. CORSA is a section that makes it our goal to be always learning and always teaching.

Organization and Leadership

Director – Ed H. NAR 71396 email: director <@> centralohiorocketry.org
Deputy Director – Bob T. NAR 103217 email: info <@> centralohiorocketry.org
Recording/Financial Officer – Kevin R. NAR 101894
Senior Adviser – Chuck S. NAR 101582

CORSA Bylaws 2018-03


Ohio Outline – Represents the great state of Ohio where we are located

NAR Logo – The NAR logo and section number signifies our association and alliance with NAR and is placed in the central part of the state where our primary mission is carried out.

Moon – Even though humans have journeyed to the moon, Earths only natural satellite, it has inspired man kind since the dawn of recorded history to wonder and explore beyond our pale blue dot. The journey cannot be made without rockets.

Star Field – 24 stars represent the 24 astronauts that hail from Ohio or claim Ohio as their home state. Two 4 pointed stars honor two Ohio natives for their achievements in “firsts”: John Glenn, first American to orbit the earth; and Neil Armstrong, first human to set foot on the moon. The eight point star is probably the most poignant representing both inspiration and sacrifice in space exploration. This star honors the achievements and memory of Dr. Judith Resnik who was one of 7 crew members aboard the Space Shuttle Challenger lost in the STS-51-L disaster on January 28, 1986.

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