osulogoWe are honored and proud to have members of the Rocket Club at OSU as members of CORSA.  CORSA provides launch support and mutually beneficial outreach opportunities.  OSU Rocket Team members help with build and fly and educational outreach programs.  They are especially well versed in encouraging future college students interested in aerospace engineering to peruse their degree at a specific university. O-H !

TARCTeam America Rocketry Challenge (TARC) is an aerospace design and engineering event for teams of US secondary school students (7th through 12th grades) run by the NAR and the Aerospace Industries Association (AIA). Teams can be sponsored by schools or by nonprofit youth organizations such as Scouts, 4-H, or Civil Air Patrol. Over the course of the contest, students learn to use hands on engineering skills to design and fabricate a rocket to meet challenging mission criteria that change each year.

CORSA has TARC Mentors who can help your team get over the initial learning hump of mastering basic rocketry skills; however, according to official TARC rules, they are not allowed to help teams with their final contest designs. We can also assist by providing Qualification Flight Observers who watch and verifies a team’s official “qualification flight” attempt.

4hlogoIn May 2007 the NAR and 4-H initiated a national partnership. In support of this partnership, CORSA provides local 4-H groups support: in forming TARC teams, launch support for flights to meet 4-H 503 and 503M project requirements, launch demonstrations, build and fly’s and more. We will take the time to support and/or create presentations and activities that meet the goals and objectives of your group.

Civil_Air_Patrol_sealNAR and CAP signed a Memorandum of Understanding in 2014 to become partners in educational rocketry. The partnership is designed to provide opportunities for youth and adults to initiate or increase their participation in model rocketry. CORSA can help your CAP squadron by collaborating on joint activities such as TARC, local rocket contests, science fairs, design challenges, space and aerospace related activities, sport launches and numerous other activities of mutual interest. We provide support from the classroom to the flying field.

Your organization isn’t listed? We’re especially here for you!  CORSA has a rocketry presentation that can be adjusted to the age, skill and objective of your group. We will assist you in selecting the right rocket to build, building and launching them.

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