CORSA High Power Launch!

Thanks to the generous offer of Jim Case to use his field, CORSA has received permission to launch High Power Rockets (HPR)! We’re very excited about this, and hope that you can attend at least one of our HPR launches and share our excitement. Low Power Rockets use engines up to ‘D’ impulse. Mid Power Rockets use ‘E’ through ‘G’ motors. High Power Rocketry uses motors ‘H’ impulse and above. Since the total impulse doubles with each letter increment, ‘H’ motors are 32 times as powerful as a ‘C’ motor. The largest motors we’ll see at our planned launches will be ‘L’ impulse – loud, fast, and high flights!

Case Farms field is located at 3297 Panhandle Rd, Delaware, OH 43015. There’s a long gravel lane, please drive slowly, and be aware of the railroad crossing (it has no signals!) Trains may occasionally block the lane; be patient, and it will be cleared. Parking will be ample, in the gravel lot among the buildings, and to the right of the lane past them. We will have a port-a-john on site.

We’ll have two HPR pads, with 1″ (1010) rail; two MPR pads, with 1/4″ rods; and 6 or 12 LPR pads with 1/8″ and 3/16″ rods. Our waiver will be to 6,000′, starting at 11:00, and continuing until at least 2:00. We’ll be flying under NAR rules, so commercial motors only.

We will still launch at Freedom Park too (September 16, for example), but we want to take advantage of this wonderful field while we have the opportunity. Our planned HPR schedule is:

  • August 19 – Club launch
  • August 26 – Rain date
  • September 23 – Club launch
  • September 30 – Rain date
  • October 21 –  Club launch
  • October 28 –  Rain date
  • November 18 – Club launch *
  • December 16 – Club launch *
    • * no rain date scheduled, due to holidays

As always, our launches are highly weather-dependent. So check this website for updates the night before each launch.

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