CORSA Launches

Do you need help launching a model rocket?
Do you want to launch rockets with us?
Would you like to watch dozens of rockets launch high into the sky?

If  you are seeking like-minded people to launch with, need help getting your rocket in the air, or just want to watch exciting launches, the CORSA monthly launch is for you. We are a group of model rocket enthusiasts and want to share our enthusiasm with other people.

CORSA events are free to attend and easy to participate in.

Held the third Saturday of each month (weather permitting), and usually located at Freedom Park in Sunbury, CORSA launches are fun and exciting for kids and adults.

If you need help launching a rocket, just show up.   Our club members have a combined 120 years of model rocket experience.  We will be able to help you.
If you want to launch with us, just bring your rockets and your motors.  Launch pads are provided and participation is free.
If you want to watch, just show up with a chair . The launch is ordinarily from 11am to 1pm.

Parking is free and so is the event.
You may wish to bring chairs, a table for preparing your rockets, sunscreen, water, or snacks.

Additionally, if your scout troop, 4-H club, library, or class wants to have a rocketry project, contact us! We love to do build sessions, presentations, and launches for youth groups!

Space Weekend

Space Weekend

To celebrate National Space Day, and to honor John Glenn, the Columbus Clippers celebrated Space Weekend at their games on May 6 and 7. They invited CORSA to set up a display, along with COSI, OSU and NASA. Curtis, Bob, Chuck, Michael, and Ed were there to show attendees what model rocketry is about, and to answer their questions.

Girls and boys of all ages were curious about our exhibit, and eager to learn more. We encouraged them to get started with entry level kits, and to visit our website, and NAR’s. This was a very successful project that inspired lots of visitors, and we enjoyed it too!

Curtis, Michael, Ed, and Bob staff the exhibit

Chuck and Bob talk rockets with interested visitor

February 2016 Meeting

NAR logo We had a special guest drop by at the beginning of our meeting!  Dr. David Robertson, Physics Professor at Otterbein University,  stayed after his last class to see how we liked our “new digs”.  Dave shared his appreciation of our alliance and thinks that more students will get involved as word spreads of our presence on campus.  Oh, and we REALLY appreciate our “new digs”.

CORSA members elected our first board of directors.  All nominees were acclaimed (unopposed).  Our new and first leadership team is:

Director – Lloyd N. NAR 97987
Deputy Director – Joe P. NAR 83768
Recording/Financial Officer – Ed H. NAR 71396
Senior Adviser – Paul D. NAR 26702

We have narrowed our LPR/MPR launch site search down to three possibilities. Lloyd has already begun contacting the municipal entities that own the sites. While we all have “go fever” it’s important for us to stay focused on securing a site as a responsible community partner. We will not fly without permission and then ask for forgiveness. We are taking the responsible and more challenging path of building alliances with land owners (public and private) to secure sites we can use on a consistent basis. It might take a little longer to secure a site, but in the end we will have a working partnership that hopefully should ensure we can remain welcome guests for the long run.

Our rocket discussion was “Hidden Gems of the NAR Web Site”. We reviewed logging in and how to update our personal information. The members only access to R&D reports had members ooing and ahhing until we had mental overload. There is SO MUCH information in this area it would take months to read it all. The safety area of the web site has been updated and provides easy access to a lot of valuable information. Most of the reports are on high power safety but the principals found within them can be applied to low and mid power as well. In the education area we had a brief review of the NARTREK program and TARC which will be a major outreach objective once we have a launch site. Last, but not least, we explored the competition area.

MARCH MEETING PREVIEW! – Open Rocket overview with Ed! Flying rockets is fun, building kits is more fun, and modifying the kits is even better, but the ultimate prize is to fly your own original design. OpenRocket is a free, fully featured model rocket simulator that allows you to design and simulate your rockets before actually building and flying them.” You can down load Open Rocket for free from their web site:

You can view the meeting presentation here: CORSA 02_2016 February Meeting

January 2016 Meeting

Members with the rockets that were brought for show and tell.

Members with the rockets that were brought for show and tell.

We started the New Year in our new home at Otterbein University. We want to express our gratitude to the University, the Physics Department, for the use of the facility, as well as Drs. David Robertson &and Aaron Reinhard of the Physics Department for meeting with us in November and opening the door for this new community alliance. THANK YOU!!

We have been looking for and at fields in the central Ohio area that are at least 1,000 ft. on their smallest side for low power and mid power rocket launches. We have identified some sites and are preparing to contact the land owners.

Members brought their favorite rockets that they have built over the years.  Michael N brought an Estes Baby Bertha.  Joe P. brought his Phoenix and X-15 rockets.  Lloyd N brought a Quest Courier and shared his favorite scratch built parachutes and streamers.  Ed H. shared the”BIG ROCKET” he used for his HPR2 certification.

You can view the meeting presentation here: CORSA 01_2016 January Meeting

NAR Section Charter Accepted


A screen capture of the Central Ohio Rocketry & Spacemodeling Alliance on the NAR Club Locator page.

Our charter application has been accepted and approved by the National Association of Rocketry.  Isn’t that great?! Sure! Exactly what does that mean to you though?

If you’re a land owner or land operator interested in supporting rocketry by allowing your lands to be used as a launch range,  we can offer insurance to you through our NAR charter.  NAR members may choose to join CORSA with the assurance that we uphold and maintain the same level of quality and safety as NAR.  HPR NAR members can be assured the section will keep and maintain an FAA waiver for our launch ranges (when we secure them).  You know your competition points will count when you participate in our NAR sanctioned competitions.  Last, you know you’ll be connected with other NAR members and not a bunch of flash-bang rocket locos.

We will take our responsibility to the central Ohio community seriously, offering support to NAR partner organizations like Team America Rocketry Challenge teams, 4-H and the Civil Air Patrol.  We’re dedicated to the spread of rocketry through education and launch support for civic clubs and non-profit youth organizations such as Girl Scouts, and Boy Scouts.  Last but certainly not least we’re here to provide NAR quality guidance and support to individuals regardless if you’re just starting out in rocketry or a long-timer, short-timer or BAR looking to get involved again.

We are grateful to NAR for allowing us to be a chartered section and look forward to the opportunity to carry out the NAR mission in central Ohio.

We’re Counting Down

Launch Date: 1 SEP 2015


The Central Ohio Rocketry & Spacemodeling Alliance is a chartered section of the National Association of Rocketry (NAR), a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation, organized exclusively to:

  • Carry out the purpose, mission and goals of the NAR on a regional level
  • Promote the educational, and scientific purpose of rocketry and spacemodeling applied science, technology, engineering and math
  • Support schools, non-profit youth organizations and citizens of central Ohio in the pursuit of the understanding and application of rocketry and spacemodeling technology